Who called me??

Best ways to find out who called you!

Reverse phone lookup is what we usually type into a search engine such as Google or Bing when we ask the questions, who called me? This, however, is not where you should start your journey if you are working with a tight budget or want the most accurate answer possible. Maybe free reverse phone number lookup or who's telephone number is this would be the best route? Sure you might stumble into a legitimate free website, but those are a dime a dozen. Often these sites will take you through various false information obstacles to get you to buy, whether it's inputting the zip code or all the number in thereby presenting you only with a vague map of the location of the call as well as a buy now button for the exact information. Today, we will show you ways to find a legitimate source for your questions and how to not get duped into a scam, whether it's to check phone number owner of a mystery call or simply an acquaintance that you might have forgotten. Let's begin!

Facebook to the rescue

Facebook is a platform with a plethora of personal information. Simply go to the site and type in the phone number you wish to look up. Most people while setting you their profile will insert their numbers in order to have a backup password in case they couldn't access their profile. If the number is not a scam number and the person actually added their number at set up, then they should automatically be at the very top of the search results and once and for all find out who called me?

Go with your gut!

Another Phone number finder method is simply searching phone lookup on Google, easy right? Well, yes and no. Although some of these websites might deliver what they promise in obtaining the information you need, trust your gut! Better yet, do some research before you give any kind of credit card information to a site you just learned about a minute ago. What kind of research? Simply add a website that you are looking at and add "reviews" to the end, Disclaimer though, skip to the 4-star reviews as many companies do pay for fake 5-star reviews but I digress. I googled "find out who called me" and "who is calling me from this number", both leading me to "free" websites such as reversephonelookup.com and searchbug.com. Both, however, promised "free" searches and delivered funnels to other sites that required payment.

Your silver bullet... maybe

In a world where finding a legitimate source for your telephone number lookup question is becoming more difficult, dodging scammers is your first priority. It's easy to fall into temptation and get enticed by the first site that presents you with the chance to find the person who has been calling you, but patience is a virtue and it pays to do your due diligence. Today though, you can sit back and let us do a bit of research for you. So which website did we find that is a good source for gathering information on an unknown number? Your best bet is www.whitepages.com. This website demonstrates an essential ingredient in capturing trust from its customers, and that is clear and concise information. By looking at the landing page for whitepages.com, one can feel at ease that the company is taking the necessary step of not only showcasing its services but also educating the customer on how and why it works. If you scroll down towards the bottom end of the page, Whitepages.com continues to attract you in with social proof! Customers can look around their Facebook, or Linkedin pages and see what real customers are saying about their experiences with their services. Although not free, you can rest assure that whitepages.com will provide you with the best results. Plans start at about $4.99 for 20 contact lookups. A small price to pay for accurate up to date results and a secured payment process.

It's no picnic trying to find out who that pesky unknown number that keeps popping on your phone is, so we urge you once again, make the best-educated choice possible and stay safe from scams.